Who has coaching?


Coaching can be beneficial for everybody and hugely valuable in a variety of circumstances. People who seek coaching are often living fulfilled lives and are not necessarily ‘in crisis’.

Whether change is happening around you or you are striving to make change happen, by it’s nature it can often result in uncertainty.  Maybe you’re feeling a little dazed, scared, confused, doubtful or excited. That’s okay! It’s completely natural to feel this way and can be the case for anybody.

Coaching helps people who are looking for support with a specific area of their life, want to build a happier relationship with themselves and those around them, want to build their confidence, develop an action plan, struggling with the right work/life balance for them, planning to start a new venture, dealing with a change of direction (either expected or unplanned), adjusting to new personal circumstances.

Often people find coaching useful to take stock of their situation and gain personal validation of their intended direction. This validation does not come from me as their coach, approving their decisions, but from themselves as they have had the opportunity to really evaluate their position.

To be honest, the list is endless as we are all living different lives, of which we are at different stages with different motivations and goals. As a life coach I strive that for each person, the coaching process is a positive one which helps them look at the bigger picture, gain clarity and a fresh perspective which empowers them to take action.