How I Work

How I Work

At present my coaching takes place online via Zoom. Before the pandemic, all of my coaching was in person and being totally honest, I was concerned that coaching online would not be as impactful. I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

Rapport is built quickly and I am able to share my screen when needed to enhance the coaching experience with techniques and strategies.

The wonders of technology allow me to coach people around the globe so as long as you have an internet connection we can connect!

I also deliver workplace coaching either as workshops or on a 1-2-1 basis as a company’s resident coach.

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Small Business Coaching & Mentoring

You have choices… We can either:

  • Go Steady
    With regular one hour 1:2:1 sessions (a minimum of once a month) I join your team. As your coach, I’m fully on-board and invested in your success. We brainstorm, strategise, plan and together move your business forward. Email support between sessions is included.
  • Deep Dive
    A half day Strategy Planning Session is your springboard to accelerate your business. You tell me where you are looking for support and I deliver an injection of strategy, new thinking and actionable planning. Post session, I provide a full summary with an action plan.
  • Power Hour
    If your budget won’t allow for the above but you have a specific topic that you want support with, I offer a very limited number of power hours each month. This is a one off, one hour session where I help you assess your direction and give guidance on how to get there. This is a laser focussed session to help you get unstuck, generate new ideas or create a plan… together we’ll you get on track.

Book a free, no obligation, chemistry call

This gives you the opportunity to explain your situation and what you’re looking to achieve from coaching, and I can outline how I think I could help you. I can also answer questions that you may have.

It is really important that you find the right coach for you. You can choose if we chat via Zoom or on the phone.

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