Business Coaching

Business coaching

Are you a small business owner ready to take your business to the next level?

Whether launching a new business, scaling growth or clarifying your proposition, business coaching will help you reach your goals. My coaching expertise combined with 20 years working in marketing, provides a unique blend of know-how, experience and mentoring to help you accelerate your business.

I help my clients find focus, shape strategy, define brand identity and messaging whilst creating action plans with my practical coaching style.

Our results driven coaching sessions will provide you with:

  • The tools to succeed both practically and mastering your mindset
  • Clarity in your vision and goals
  • Accountability to your commitments
  • Help to step out of your comfort zone and stretch into your challenge zone
  • Techniques to supercharge your self belief and motivation
  • Space to identify potential roadblocks which could hamper your progress
  • Dedicated time to plan
  • Valuable thinking time away from your day to day demands
  • A sounding board as part of a business focused conversation

How I work

You choose from face to face coaching or via video call. Whatever works best for you geographically and time wise. The wonders of technology allows me to coach people around the globe so as long as you have an internet connection we can connect!

The structure of our session is also down to you. Select one hour sessions or half day workshop style sessions were we deep dive into areas such as goal setting, marketing strategy, planning and mastering mindset.


What my clients say

A great business mind by your side for brainstorming, challenging ideas and developing practical plans is invaluable.

"I approached Roo to help with some marketing planning for my new luxury accessories brand ‘Firehorse’.  Whilst my background is in business and marketing, one of the challenges faced by start-ups is needing to have your head in so many parts of the business simultaneously! On top of this, there are so many little tasks to get through every day that it’s hard to step back, think strategically and check in with the big picture. Without this, day-to-day activity loses focus and growth becomes more challenging.

Roo ran a brilliant workshop for me. We stripped things right back to the DNA of my brand to identify which markets I should be prioritizing and then homed in on the ‘persona’ of my ideal luxury shopper.

With her trademark warmth, positivity and pragmatism, Roo helped me understand the world my target clients inhabit, the language they speak and – critically – how to reach them with much greater precision.

Roo brought fantastic insight and clarity to my planning. As a ‘solopreneur’, having a great business mind by your side for brainstorming, challenging ideas and developing practical plans is invaluable. Time and money extremely well spent. Thanks Roo!"

Finella Divett, Founder, Firehorse,

Roo is a hidden gem!

"From the moment I engaged her, it became abundantly clear very quickly how helpful she could be supporting me with the launch of my business.

Her ability to  draw out information and really drill down to 'blockers' I had created along with her commerciality has been invaluable in my journey.  Her understanding and perception are second to none and in the end her use of language helping me to see the right path and to challenge some decisions, have prevented me from giving up.

Roo is incredible, her sense of fun, wisdom, but most of all the fact that she engages so quickly with her clients and genuinely cares about the reasons they have sought her out, makes her one of the best practitioners I have ever come across.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Lisa Gibson, Every Special Detail Events

Roo got me out of my comfort zone which was exactly what I and my business needed!

"I chose Roo to help me to push forward my new business as she was the only one, after speaking to quite a few coaches, who gave me tingles of excitement about how the coaching could help me and she made me instantly feel at ease - and that was even before I’d booked the first session! Roo helps everything become so much clearer and I always came away from each session focused on what my next steps were. It helped me tackle the blockages that were holding me back, made me feel more in control and got me out of my comfort zone which was exactly what I and my business needed!"

Amy Williams, May and Co Interiors