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The go-to coach if you want to find your Passion, Positivity & Purpose

Working with me is like pressing a Super Boost button!

Your spark can dim, you can lose sight of what makes you tick, your confidence, energy, enthusiasm or focus can wane. I call this losing your mojo. But you can find it again.

I help you identify and clear any blockers to your progress, gain the vital clarity on your purpose and direction and importantly I'm on your team... working with you to smash your goals.

I'm a pretty unique coach as I wear a few hats… Life Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Strengths Coach and a Mentor. Whatever hat I'm wearing, I help my clients thrive in their personal, professional and business life.

With me you’re in safe hands, I initially trained at Oxford University then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching from Goldsmiths, London. My coaching expertise is combined with 20 years working in marketing, and managing global teams, so I also bring a unique blend of strategic business know-how, experience and mentoring.

I've won coaching awards and am accredited with Institute of Leadership & Management and the Association for Coaching.

Are you ready to get unstuck and rediscover your mojo? Book your free 30 minute no obligation call.

Life & business coaching

Coaching brings clarity and this clarity brings confidence in knowing how you want to show up. Figuring out… The what. The why. The how.

Some of my clients talk about feeling like the fog has lifted from being coached. People who seek coaching are often living fulfilled lives and are not necessarily ‘in crisis’ but they want more. They aren’t ready to settle, whether it be in their personal or professional life; or both.

As a life coach I don’t have a magic wand but I do have a signature coaching approach and framework that works. This is supported by heaps of techniques for you to add to your ‘life toolkit’.

As as business coach I work with small business owners who want to take their business to the next level by helping them find focus, shape strategy, create action plans, define their business, brand identity and messaging.



I speak at wellbeing and business events as well as host panels and deliver workshops for a range of organisations, businesses and networks.

I inspire and motivate whilst sharing practical techniques and a fresh perspective. I'm passionate about connecting with and empowering my audience.

Phil, Oxford
I really enjoyed our weekly sessions. Roo helped me make connections that were previously alluding me! A great listener and never rushed things. Her coaching has really helped me conquer my fear of moving forward with something which I had always deemed as a dream. I’m now making that dream a reality. I am excited about my future and very thankful that I took the step to try life coaching for the first time.
Natasha, Bicester
I have met very few people in my life who have an innate ability to connect, to empathise and to proffer sense and kindness and wisdom. Roo is one of these people. She is calm, engaging, wise and funny. She guides you through questions to help you find answers - without you even realising you are on a journey.
Emma, Thame
Straight away I felt like I could trust Roo and it felt natural to open up and talk about my issue.  I talked and she listened without judgement.  What is so clever with Roo, is the way she leads you into making your own connections and realisations.  I've not experienced that before. She doesn't offer advice because she doesn't need to. You are helping yourself with Roo guiding and supporting you all the way.  Suffice to say after months of struggling, the sessions helped me uncover and work through some deep seated stuff and I've been feeling amazing ever since.  Thank you Roo.